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Monthly Stochastic X-Up


I'm looking for a scan that would capture stocks with their MONTHLY stochastic X-up from below 20. Can anyone help with writing such a scan ? Thanks again.


  • Hi

    Please let me clarify my question. I am looking for one scan that would capture stocks with their MONTHLY stochastic X-up from below 20. Also I want to write another scan that simply captures MONTHLY Stochastic X-up its signal line, this doesn't need to be below 20. Thanks again for all your help.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2017
    Here's a blog entry from a while ago that explains crossover scans:

    The other trick you need to know is how to modify the time frame for an indicator in a scan. If you just use the indicator by itself, e.g.

    Fast Stoch %K(14,3)

    then the scan engine assumes you mean the daily time frame and uses daily data.

    If you want a different time frame, and all the parameters in the indicator are numbers, like the %K example above, then you have to modify the indicator with a time frame specifier before it, e.g.

    monthly Fast Stoch %K(14,3)

    But if any parameters are text, then you have to modify BOTH the indicator AND the text parameter, e.g.

    weekly sma(13, weekly close)

    When you are writing a scan in the Advanced Scan Workbench, you can select any term you want, including technical indicators like Fast/Slow/Full %K and %D, from the drop downs in the "Scan Builder" section under the Scan Criteria window and the click on "Insert". A default version of the selected item will appear below any existing text in the Scan Criteria window. You may have to edit the default text and/or cut and paste it into your existing scan text. For example, in your case you will have to arrange %K and 20, and %K and %D around an "x" operator.

    Details on scan syntax can be found through the links on this page:

    If you get stuck, post what you have.
  • Thanks, Mark. I will have to get to work and post if further questions.
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