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Wyckoff Spring

Has anyone been able to code a scan for a Wyckoff Spring?

Details of a spring are discussed here and here

I have seen a successful scan for a selling and buying climax on StockCharts but not the Spring?
Many thanks


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    As always, trying to find a pattern with a scan is a challenge and time consuming.

    You might try testing for a long term lower price channel (LPC - not a Wyckoff abbreviation!) lower than some months ago, to establish that the stock has been falling, then test for a close in the past few days below the LPC value maybe two weeks ago (hopefully, that's the price of a meaningful low carried forward in time by channel indicator), and a close today above that same LPC value.

    You could add something to require the lower price channel be equal to itself between two points in the past, maybe a week or two apart five or six weeks ago - in other words, the channel was a straight line during that portion of the accumulation zone prior to the spring.

    But, you want to keep the scan fairly general, because the more conditions you add, the more likely you are to miss good hits because there are so many possible variations. The trade off is you get some junk. But you can eyeball and delete those pretty easily.
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    Thank you ...will give that a go
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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    If you are a Wyckoff type, there is a new Public ChartList called:

    WYCKOFFANALYTICS.COM Communal Wyckoff Watch List (CWWL)


    This is a list compiled by Bruce and Roman of charts of interest to members at their website.
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