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Slo Stoch scan on DCR Fav's

Help fellow scanners !

the below scan works in scans - however when i copy and paste to an "Alerts Scan" it doesnt work.

Any ideas welcome ?

// begin scan

[ // begin lists "or"
[favorites list is 11] // 0.10 Jeff Client Discretionary Trades - Oct 15
or [favorites list is 42] // 0.101 AA - Complete Asset Class Analysis - All Asset Classes
or [favorites list is 1] // 0.102 - Trade Today - SERIOUSLY - MAX of 5 Stocks
or [favorites list is 32] // 0.103 AAA - TRADE TODAY for Disc Accs: Max 10 stocks
or [favorites list is 3] // 0.104 Jeff Disc TIER 1 - 2017 Stocks to Monitor - Max of 10 Securities in this Division: If I wish
or [favorites list is 41] // 0.105 - Week Disc - KEY NB NB - Securities to monitor weekly
or [favorites list is 37] // 0.107 Jeff Disc Tier 2 - 2016 Stocks to monitor
or [favorites list is 36] // 0021 - Trade Today for DCR SIPP / Bradley Acc
or [favorites list is 3] // 003 - Weekly Jeff Discretionary - 2016 Stocks to Monitor / on Standby to buy
or [favorites list is 34] // 003.1 Weekly review - Country ETF's Jan 16
or [favorites list is 35] // 003.5 - Weekly Currencies
or [favorites list is 38] // 003.6 - Weekly Review - Cristina / DCR / Brandley stocks
or [favorites list is 27] // 004 - Monthly Jeff Discretionary - 2016 stocks to monitor [favorites list is 4] // 004 Monthly Review list
or [favorites list is 15] // Energy Stocks - Dec 14
or [favorites list is 2] // Greenlight Capital+Pershing Square Holdings
or [favorites list is 33] // MLP's
or [favorites list is 16] // REITS - Aug15
] // end lists "or"

// This identifies stocks that are > 50 or 200 EMA
[today's close > today's ema(50, close)]
[today's close > today's ema(200, close)]

// This identifies a Slo Sto that has had a positive crossover its signal line

and [today's slow stoch %k(14,3) >= today's slow stoch %d(14,3)]
and [yesterday's slow stoch %k(14,3) < yesterday's slow stoch %d(14,3)]
and [2 days ago slow stoch %k(14,3) < 2 days ago slow stoch %d(14,3)]
and [3 days ago slow stoch %k(14,3) < 3 days ago slow stoch %d(14,3)]

// This identifies a Slo Sto that has had a positive crossover the "20" Line BUT is less than "25" in order to reduce the number of results

AND[today's slow stoch %k(14,3) > 20]
AND[today's slow stoch %k(14,3) < 25]

Rank by "marketcap"

// end universe section


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited October 2017
    I'm not really sure, but I'm guessing maybe you have to specify the number of hits that will trigger an alert. This is from the documentation:

    Notification Settings

    One of the key differences between scans and alerts is that alerts are run automatically at a scheduled time, and notify you based on the number of securities that meet your criteria at that time.

    The Notification Controls in the Alert Criteria Panel allow you to specify when the alert is run, what number of results will trigger the alert, how you should be contacted when the alert is triggered, and what to do with an alert once it has been triggered. The following sections will cover each of these topics.
  • I think maybe the Rank by needs to be removed. I thought I read somewhere that an alert can't rank/sort.
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