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Stock, Industry, Sector and Index on One Chart?

Is there a way of adding to a Stock's chart, a graph of it's Industry, Sector and index on the same chart, so that you can be reminded of the individual stock's momentum and trajectory within a wider context?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited October 2017
    If you want to add a chart to your main chart, use the "Price" option under "Indicators" on the Chart Workbench, then enter the symbol you want to graph. Under Advanced Options, choose a chart style from the Style window.

    Another approach is to graph the "price relative", which is essentially relative strength. Select the "Price - Performance" option (also under Indicators) and enter the symbol and the main chart first, then a colon (:), then the symbol for comparison. For instance, IBM:XLK compares IBM to the tech sector SPDR. When the line is generally rising, IBM is out-performing XLK. You can add an MA from the overlay window under advanced options - I use a 63 day (quarterly) MA.

    If your subscription allows, you can find the $DJUS industry indexes under the "Industry Summary" in your "control center" (or maybe under "Free Charts") and the sector SPDRs under "Sector Summary".
  • As an alternative, I use the $symbol, $industry, $sector to let Stockcharts plug in the appropriate things that I'm looking for. Only one it doesn't do it the Market. For that I put the comparative market of interest into the parameter.
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    @lmkwin Yes, for RS (price peformance) that's the best way. $SYMBOL:$INDUSTRY, and $SYMBOL:$SECTOR and $SYMBOL:$SPX, or $INDU or whatever. Thanks for adding that.
  • Thanks a lot for the hints. This is very helpful. What does the percentages means?
  • markdmarkd mod
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    Here's the documentation for Price Relative showing how the calculation is done.

    I can't find documentation for Price - Performance, but it seems to be a little different.

    Price Relative (which is the Price indicator with a ratio parameter, e.g IBM:$SPX) and Price - Performance (which is a separate indicator from Price, but uses the same ratio parameter, like IBM:$SPX) produce identical indicator lines (you could overlay one on the other and you would see only one line), but they have different scales.

    The Price Relative scale is usually a decimal value carried out to 3 or 4 places.

    The Price Performance scale expresses the indicator value as a positive or negative per cent and it has a zero line.

    The Price performance Indicator seems to express the over/under performance of the first symbol versus the second symbol SINCE THE FIRST BAR on the chart. If you change the length of the chart chart - say from 6 months to 3 months, the last (most current) indicator value changes.
  • Thanks a lot for the answer..
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