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P&F Charts for Swing Trading

Any input on settings...Dynamic vs Percentage vs Traditional, etc. Thanks!


  • Don't know about swing trading. I don't do that. For PnF charts, using percentage and traditional will leave the chart intact. Using Dynamic ATR will rearrange the chart data based on the current data values.

    I use a variant of the CSS Strategy for Point and Figure charts. For this I use the traditional scale for identification of the patterns of interest to me. I then take the analysis to 1 box traditional and then the percentage scale for further analysis and possible action points.

    It would be neat if StockCharts allowed for using the other settings for scans. Maybe further down the road.

    From theStockCharts help:
    "Dynamic (ATR) scaling calculates the “Average True Range” for the stock over a set period of time and uses that value as the box size for the entire chart."
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