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Creating a scan for gap up during pre-market

Hello all,

I am just trying out stock charts and wanted to create a scanner for gap ups during extended hours. I can only find examples which use the open or close - is it possible to create a scanner that does, for example, [current > Close * 1.04]? I've tried "current" and "price" but the syntax checker throws errors.



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    According to the documentation, SC does not offer pre-market or after-market data, at least for now (go to the bottom of the page):

    If you wanted to try your scan during regular market hours, it would be

    and [close > 1 day ago close * 1.04]

    The scan engine considers the most recent intraday data update to be today's close.

    The scan would probably catch gaps until about 9:45am, maybe 10 eastern. After that, some might still be, but maybe not most.
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    Since Pre-Market data now exists, has anyone found out a way to screen for pre-market moves-i.e. is there a data set or delimiter to allow for to scan for pre-market gaps or volumes?

    Thanks for your response
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    I haven't tried it, but assuming pre-market data is treated like regular session data, the most recent intraday update would be considered "end of day" (as odd as that sounds). So, you should be able to run a gap scan during pre-market hours - open > 1 day ago close. Or, low > 1 day ago close.
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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited June 2021
    It's tough to discern whether the data is in the scan engine database, or just in the SharpCharts data.

    Maybe inquire to Support for definitive answer.
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