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Scanning w/ EPS Growth


Using the Advanced Scan Workbench and EPS in the Ticker Properties, what options do I have to specify EPS growth?

Thank you!

Doctor T


  • The documentation for the EPS ticker property says

    "The last reported EPS value for the security. "

    So, it looks like the database only keeps the most current EPS data.

    That suggests you cannot compare the current EPS number to previous EPS numbers. I tried

    and [EPS > 251 days ago EPS]

    but it doesn't pass syntax.
  • Dear markd,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Bad news! :(

    Doctor T
  • You could try to screen for PEG (if that's helpful)

    finviz/screener/valuation/ sort on PEG column

    or, if you hit the "Fundamental" tab, you can filter for PEG level
  • Dear markd,

    Thank you!

    I'll check it out.

    Doctor T
  • markd is correct. You would need to establish a baseline block of stocks in a list and then run scans against that list. Updata Analytics software suffers the same shortcoming on fundamental fronts. I like StockCharts scanning much better. Only a few things missing from StockCharts vs Updata as far as I can tell. I'm making the suggestions to tech support so hopefully they will add them to an already great platform.
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