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Using the "Elder Impulse System"

Is it possible to base a scan on Elder's Impulse System? .... Ex. ....

[1 Day ago daily Impulse Bar Blue] and [daily Impulse Bar Green]

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  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
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    You can also go to the Pre-Defined Scans on StockCharts and use one of the Elder Impulse System Scans as a baseline to get started. In the pre-defined scans you would open the results and then click on the "Click here to edit this scan" in the upper right of the results pane. This takes you into the Advance Scan Workbench, with the scan language for that scan filled in. You can modify it to your liking and save it so that you can run it again as you see fit.


  • Yes.

    Look under the Candlestick Patterns on the Advanced Scan Workbench.
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