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How to find total sell and buy volume within the end of the day volume and for previous days EOD ?

How to find total sell and buy volume within the end of the day volume and for previous days EOD volume?


  • Volume is not categorized as "buy volume" and "sell volume" because for each transaction there is a buyer and a seller and there is no way to know the reasons for that transaction. So to determine a way to categorize volume, Technical indicators look at the price or tick. If the price went up, then that is considered advancing volume. If the transaction resulted in price declining, then that is considered declining volume. On a daily basis at EOD, if the price advances or declines, then the volume for the day is determined to be advancing or declining volume respectively.

    Drop the volume overlay on your chart, and choose color volume to see if the volume for the day was advancing or declining. Hope this helps. Any other comments anyone?
  • I am trying to do an analysis of volume, with a scan that brings volume into an excel spreadsheet. There is not plus or minus sign on volume, but the chart shows red negative volume, green positive volume. The price is sometimes positive and volume bar is negative and sometimes the price is negative, and volume is positive. Most of the time the price and volume are the same, that is negative or positive price and the coinciding negative and positive volume. Is there a way to determine how stockcharts calculates the negative volume, red bars on a chart or positive volume green bars on a chart with a scan?
  • I think that the volume bars are colored based on the price bar.

    The Volume by Price indicator kind of splits it out but it's still based on the price bar.

    I don't know of a confident way to scan for any of this on a larger scale but the Past Data link does give you the daily data to play with. At the bottom of the chart is a link to Past Data.

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