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Price Performance and Volume Performance

I saw a presentation from that contain two charting indicators that seem to be proprietary, Price Performance and Volume Performance. Please see attached screenshot.

Not wanting to pay $500.00 for an indicator that's been renamed. Is there an equivalent in Stockcharts?

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    Would need to know what they are supposed to track, and how they are calculated. The names alone don't tell you much.
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    They don't really divulge how they are figured other than when Volume and Price indicators cross a line, then it's time to buy. I was just wondering if anyone has seen this or is there something in Stockcharts that would simulate this?
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2018
    Volume could be some variation of OBV or Force, with non-default parameters and an MA. Price Performance could be relative strength, which is Price with ratio symbols (e.g. IBM:$SPX) or Price Performance (per centage version of Price ratio), also with an MA. But you would have to figure out the parameters and the base symbol for the ratio ($SPX in the example) .
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    I think that markd has it. Price Performance with a 20 and 200 day ma and OBV with a 20 lines up pretty spot on.
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