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I tried to include a clause [EPS>Annual Dividend] and I get an error message invalid clause; but if I take out the Annual it includes the phrase but does not filter out stocks where the clause is false. Have any ideas?


  • It looks like "EPS" and "dividend" may be coded only to compare with numbers and not other properties, even if the properties are numeric values and even though a different pattern passes the syntax checker.

    In other words, in the phrase

    and [EPS > dividend]

    which passes syntax, it sees EPS as a number, and expects a number where "dividend" is. It doesn't expect another ticker property like "dividend", so it doesn't convert "dividend" to a number.

    But I'm just guessing.

    You could email support with your scan, and your target list - or a small sample of symbols that work and don't work and why - i.e. the eps and dividend values for each - and your actual results.

    You could approximate the results you want with sequential scans. For instance, scan for dividend < 1.00, put the results in a list, then scan that list for EPS > 1.00, etc.
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