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How to get a list of stocks ranked by their correlation with the VIX

The system is giving me a "green" when I check syntax and my results show the list of stocks but don't show a column for rank.
I'm not sure of the syntax for the "rank by" statement for this purpose. What am I don't wrong?

[[symbol = 'SOXL'] or
[symbol = 'AMZN'] or
[symbol = 'TQQQ'] or
[symbol = '$SPX'] or
[symbol = 'UPRO']]
rank by [$VIX,CORR(20)]


  • The rank by statement is intended to order a list by a single indicator or value, (notice no brackets) e.g.

    rank by ROC(14)

    It does not do complex calculations, although syntax checker doesn't flag them.

    In any event, I can't find Correlation in the drop down list of technical indicators on the Advanced Scan workbench. Usually if that's the case, it means you can't scan by that indicator (Price Performance is another one), or if you can, it's undocumented.
  • Correlation has been added to the Advanced Scan Technical Indicators drop down window so you can rank by, as well as filter by, the Correlation of symbols against another symbol.

    rank by [Correlation(20,$vix)]
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