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Price pattern or indicator pattern recognition.

I am new here, good morning everyone.

I am interested in improving my ability to write code within this platform that aptly identifies pattern recognition either in price or in a given indicator. Two simple examples of patterns would be a succession of higher lows or of lower highs, for instance (this might be envisioned by some as a single pattern with reverse operators, but that is a different conversation). I have two questions.
1. Is there any way to view the code that has been written to provide the predefined scans; has that language been published anywhere? and,
2. Is there a resource or resources beyond the "published scans" or "advanced scans" articles that might help me to hone my simple coding skills?

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  • If you go to the Predefined Scans, click on the results for a pattern scan of interest. In the upper right of the results, there is a link to Click here to edit this scan.

    #1 The scan language will be shown in the Advanced Scan Workbench. From there you can modify and save as you deem necessary.

    #2 The SCAN website. There is a ton of techniques and Q&A on this site.
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    edited March 2018
    I second lmkwin's answer.

    I would add, the best way to learn is practice. For the sake of learning, start with simple scans first, even if you wouldn't use them - just to get a feel for what the code finds.

    Always start by defining the KIND of stocks you want. Otherwise, you get more results than you can possibly digest. You can use the items in the Ticker properties drop down, like market cap, or a favorites list, or a sector or industry. I would start with something like

    [group is sp100]

    That way, you are more likely to get a manageable number of results. You can always change it later to stocks you are actually interested in.

    Whenever you add an indicator or overlay to your scan, also add it to a chart style you can use to view the results. This can be your default style, which is easiest, since the results will always display in your default style, or another style you can apply after you download the results to a list.

    For a quick and dirty version of the basic syntax rules see one of my answers to this S.C.A.N. question:
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