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Doji candles

I accidentally deleted a scan I had for a specific candlestick pattern, and now i can’t remember how to write it out.
Im looking to find weekly dragonfly dojis.

It went something like this:
And [weekly close > weekly low + (weekly range *7)]

It doesn’t matter if open or close are higher on the candle, I just want it to close in the higher range of the candle.

Thank you.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2018
    // universe (your choice)
    [group is sp600]

    // close is in upper upper range
    and [weekly close > [weekly low + [weekly range * .7]]]


    // body is less than 10% of range

    [weekly close > weekly open]
    and [weekly close - weekly open < [weekly high - weekly low] * 0.10]
    [ weekly open > weekly close]
    and [weekly open - weekly close < [weekly high - weekly low] * 0.10]


    I tried using the absval( ) function, but apparently it doesn't allow calculations inside the parens, like absval(close -open); it only converts negative indicator values to positive. So, you need an "or" statement - one condition for close > open, one for open > close.

    Notice "weekly range" is in brackets [ ] not parens ( ). Parens are reserved for indicators and functions.

    P.S. always a good idea to copy and paste your final version scans into a word processor or text editor (e.g. Word or Wordpad or whatever Apple has). Then keep them on a USB memory stick so if you crash, you still have them.
  • Very good suggestion on backups. It would be nifty if StockCharts added this feature, for queries as well as chartlists. Chartlists would be easier from a programming standpoint. At Dorsey Wright, they allowed you to export a text file with the (they call them portfolios) Portfolio name and the components listed as comma separated values.
  • @lmkwin You can download a Stockcharts list as a .csv file.

    Go to the advanced scan workbench.

    Delete the default text.

    From the favorites list drop down, select the the favorites list you want to download.

    If you want the results page sorted by a value, add a 'rank by' statement, e.g. rank by market cap.

    Run the scan.

    On the results page, select "download in csv format".
  • Hi markd,
    Yes, I have a scan set up for that purpose. I also use it to re-"rank by" a list as well as re-complete symbol descriptions.

    But with a full backup option, the feature should/ would export all lists to a text file by list. That is a fun feature with DWA but not available at SC. If they had that on the Saved Scans, that would be fun also. I'm sort of surprised that they don't have an export feature, in general, in the List options. I figure that would be one that many would appreciate and has to have been requested numerous times over the years.

    The DWA function produced .rtf file like below. Then, if something happened like an inadvertent deletion of a list, you could just copy it back in..... assuming you had backed it up.

    My First Favorite List

    My Second Favorite List

    My Third Favorite List
    Mid,QQQ, Sml
  • Agree, both kinds of back up would be very helpful.
  • Thank you, and I will be backing up from now on!
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