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Moving averages crossover and ichimoku scan

I am trying to build a scanner where price is above 200 SMA and 13EMA crosses above 48EMA. Also, at the same time, the price is above Ichimoku cloud. The point is to trade EMA's crossover that has a strong bullish trend.

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  • markdmarkd mod
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    You can build scans directly on the Advanced Scan Workbench. The basic method is to select the terms of each condition from the drop down boxes below the criteria window, and then edit those to fit your needs.

    So, for instance, you would open the Technical Indicators window, slide down to Ichimoku Top, click on it, then click "Add" to put it in your scan. That one doesn't require any editing, I don't think.

    and [Ichimoku Cloud Top(9,26,52) < close]

    Next you want close above 200 MA, so you would select "close" from the Price Volume SCTRs drop down, and SMA from the Technical Indicators drop down. So you would get

    and [Close > 99.9]
    and [SMA(50,volume) > 9999999]

    That isn't exactly what you want, so you have to edit to this

    and [Close > SMA(50,close)]

    Then do the same for the EMAs. The "cross above" operator is "x". The term on the left crosses above the term on the right.

    Actually, your first line should describe the stocks you want to look at. You can add that from Ticker Properties or Indexes and ETFs or Sectors and Industries drop downs. The FIRST line of any scan MUST begin with an opening bracket [ .

    For complete scan writing instructions go here:

    Also check some of my recent answers to other questions on this forum for a summary of basic scan writing rules.


  • thanks you!
  • And one more questions. Is it possible to scan TK crossover above the cloud?
  • I don't know what a TK crossover is.

    Every available indicator is listed in the the Technical Indicator drop down. If it's not there, or in one of the other drop downs, it is not available.
  • it is when Tenkan Sen cross over above Kijun Sen
  • Sorry, I don't know what those are. If you can find them in the drop downs, the order of the statement would be TK x KS.
  • ok. Thanks
  • The Tenkan Sen is 9 day daily high/low mid point moving average
  • As far as I know, you can't use the sma function to average a calculated value - has to be a built-in value like close, or a built-in indicator. So if it's not in the drop down, it's not available.
  • From reading the SC definitions, perhaps, Ease of Movement technical indicator, EMV in the technical scan workbench, might come closest to the original poster's question.
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