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Google Finance - Google Sheets and Calculating 50 day SMA in Google Sheets

Hi All,

I've recently been using Google Sheets and the =GOOGLEFINANCE function within there to pull in data. My question is, I'd like to make my own tabular data of 50 day simple moving averages. Can anyone tell me if they do this and if so how they construct their formulas for it?



  • In a separate column you would add together the 50 days close (for a basic SMA) and divide the total by 50. I don't use the google sheets but let's say your close prices are in column C and column D has no data. In cell D 51 you would have a formula, something like (sum C2:C51)/50 in the 51st row (assuming your first row has headers) of the new column. This would add together the prior 50 days of closing prices in column C and then divide the total by 50. Then copy that formula to the next day down (cell D52, D53, D54) and so on. The values in that column will be used to construct your "SMA line" value.
  • thanks so much!
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