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ascending triangle code doesnt work

Hi there can someone please advise
I tried code for an ascending triangle

[type is stock]
and [market cap > 20]
and [Volume > 100000]
and [today's low > 1 month ago low]
and [1 month ago low > 2 months ago low]
and [2 months ago low > 3 months ago low]
and [3 months ago low > 4 months ago low]
and [today’s high < last month’s high]
and [1 month ago high < 2 months ago high]
and [2 months ago high < 3 months ago high]
and [3 months ago high < 4 months ago high]

any suggestions on how i can fiddle with this to bring more results? i.e longer time frame or higher highs? Im a bit confused

look at this stock: CLR.TO

the scan did not find this do i find a stock like this?


  • If you want to compare monthly lows, you need to modify "low" to indicate you want the monthly low; otherwise it assumes you mean the daily low.

    So, it should be "1 month ago monthly low", etc.
  • I would suggest that you set up a 6 month, monthly chart to use on this review. Note that CLR.TO doesn't meet the "High" part of the scan. It appears that you are looking for monthly declining highs and monthly rising lows. The July High, for one, appears to have moved CLR.TO out of the picture. I knocked the volume number out to get results. I knocked out the today statements also, and got a couple more results. Knocking out the Market Cap filter results in more results.
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