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Moving Averages on P&F Charts

Hello. I have been studying P&F charting. Please comment, suggest, or recommend regarding the length of moving averages on a P&F chart appropriate for an intermediate time horizon.


  • Hi George,

    In several texts I've seen they talk about all different lengths being of interest to the point and figure study. Usually from 3 to 20. The ones that best define the trend will be "the best". Remember, most texts are written by and for traders. I don't put myself in a position for trading, as I'm not a trader. In lieu of that, I just use a Fibonacci sequence 5,8,13,21,34 The 5 and 8 are more on the short term, 13 and 21 represent intermediate and 34 is long term. I put them on as a sort of Guppy multiple moving average view. Daryl Guppy is a noted technical analyst and author.

    I rarely will make a decision based solely on the short term indicators, but like to be aware of their activity.

    I also throw the Price by volume on there to get an indication on where important levels are, as indicated by the longest bars.
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