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ppo crossover

I typed up the following formula, do you know why it doesnt work?

[type is stock]
and [market cap > 200]
and [country is not uk]
and [country is not canada]
and [country is not india]
and [Volume > 100000]
and [PPO Line(12,26,9) x PPO Signal(12,26,9)]
and [PPO Line(12,26,9)<0]
and [PPO Signal(12,26,9)<0]
AND [max(200, PPO Line(12,26,9)) < 1 and min(200, PPO Line(12,26,9)) > -1]


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    If you click on the Check Syntax button it says

    There is a misplaced "and" keyword in your scan expression, near " and min(200, ppo line(12"

    On your last line you have two separate criteria using the AND but are treating them as one. They need to be separate. Try putting a ] after the <1 and before the "and" and put a [ before the min(200 and after the "and"
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    AND [max(200, PPO Line(12,26,9))] < 1 and [min(200, PPO Line(12,26,9)) > -1]
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    AND [max(200, PPO Line(12,26,9)) < 1] and [min(200, PPO Line(12,26,9)) > -1]
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