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Hi everyone!

How can I scan for a flat SMA200 line for at least more than a week???

thanks for help!

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    Is there a way to scan for a flat SMA 200 that is "flat" within a 10% range?


  • By "flat" you mean equal in value for more than 5 days? Today's SMA200 = 1 day ago SMA200 and 1 day ago SMA200 = 2 days ago SMA200 and 2 days ago SMA200 = 3 days ago SMA200, etc, etc, etc. For that to happen you'd need a miracle, or a stock that doesn't move much over 200 days.

    Sounds like a you might need a range. The link explains how to write code for establishing flat or consolidation.
  • Thanks for your answer!

    really appreciated.
  • I think if you use the min/max function as described in the link in the previous answer and substitute sma(200, close) for close it should work.

    You have to decide how long the 10% range is (number of days you want). Then you want 1.1 and .9 for multipliers.
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