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Tushar Chande MIA

I really enjoyed Tushar Chande's Trend Check Blog on StockCharts. His last blog post was end of July though. His site is no longer active as well. I use his CTM (Chande Trend Meter) technical indicator on all my line charts. Quite a proxy for a number of other indicators. He created a number of other useful technical indicators as well.

Too bad he appears to be no longer blogging on StockCharts. His articles were always spot on in analysis. I will miss his contributions.


  • Me too. I asked Stock Charts about this, but they did not reply. You would think they would say something, since he has so many followers.
  • I got the same reply as well StockCharts support. Greg Morris appeared to collaborate with him on using the CTM as a version of Mr. Morris's Weight of Evidence (WOE) indicator. Each posted on their own blogs about it. I tried to post on the Dancing with the Trend blog asking, but appears to be censoring posts like that. Maybe it's just me.

    On ThinkorSwim they don't have the CTM but have the Chande Momentum Oscillator, another fine indicator by Dr. Chande.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    I think I found where Tushar Chande went. Haven't checked out too much on his new site but I always enjoyed his analysis when he was posting on
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