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enlarging the font on the stock charts

I have a hard time reading the prices on my charts because they are so small. Even the sections on the charts that give us the open, high low and close as well as the prices that are on the charts. Does anyone know how to enlarge the font or numbers on the charts so i can see them better? I am tired of using my magnifying glass to see the prices on the charts.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited November 2018
    I don't see a control on the chart workbench to adjust the font directly on the chart.

    If you have a Windows machine, there are two options.

    Probably the most convenient, once you learn to use it, is the Magnifier. It gives you a moveable transparent square "lens" that enlarges things underneath it - just like a real magnifying glass - but much more convenient. On the Start menu, click "All programs" - Accessories - Ease of Access - Magnifier. It has two parts, a "control" with plus (+) and minus (-) and a "Views" drop down and a "gear" icon for lens settings. Play with Views and Settings to get what you want.

    The other Windows solution is, you can adjust the font for ALL fonts on the screen. or you can change the screen resolution, which also changes the size of EVERYTHING.

    But, if you choose a larger font or a "smaller" screen resolution, it will change how much you see on the screen. So, for instance, if your chart size now is edge to edge on your screen, you will have to reduce your chart size to see the whole chart.

    To adjust the font or screen resolution, go to Control Panel, Appearance and Personalization, Display - Make text and other items larger or smaller / or, Adjust Screen resolution.

    The path may different on your version of Windows.

    Apple Macs probably have similar features. Maybe another user can help with those.
  • I also use the CTRL and + (plus) for bigger and CTRL and - (minus) for smaller. I do agree that the font size is smaller than desirable for my ol' eyes.
  • That's even better! I didn't know about that.
  • I often watch the stockcharts videos on the youtube application on my smart TV. Wow - I can't read even the name of the stock that they are displaying the chart for. I am always so glad when they actually say the name of the company. I can see the shape of the curves and/or trends but the print is quite difficult. Thank goodness they usually give the numbers they are talking about that are associated with support/resistance/etc.
  • If you have your laptop beside you when you watch, you could log on to Stockcharts and bring up the charts they are talking about (in your own chart style, if it is different).
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