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Inverted Charts - Saving Chart List

I understand placing a (-) in front of the ticker symbol to get the inverted version of the chart. Or even placing $ONE:Ticker, but I am wondering if you can save a chart style as inverted to quickly toggle? Or to even save a chart list down that are inverted. Any help is appreciated.


  • Try this.

    On the Chart Workbench, set up a chart the way you want it.

    Under the chart, in the row that begins "ChartStyles", select "Add New".

    Give the style a meaningful name, like "Daily-Inverted".

    Click the "Button" drop down, and select a number - 1 to 12.

    Click Save.

    To toggle, select another chart style from the chart style dropdown, say, "Default", click "Edit Properties" and assign it to a different button.

    Now you can toggle styles using the buttons that appear to the upper left of your chart.

  • Mmmm.. I am not quite sure I am there yet. Even when I save down a style with $ONE:ticker to a specific button, it does not carry the '$ONE:' with it when I come back to toggle between styles. It then gives me a normal version of the chart.
  • OK. My bad. The inversion works only in the symbol window, not the settings level.

    You can save -symbol charts to a list, but only one by one, as you probably know. I don't see a way to invert an existing list in one step.

    You could submit a suggestion to Support. You will get a form response, but it will be considered.
  • Ok, great thank you. I appreciate the help.
  • I think this setting actually does work. You can then save it down as a button and toggle.

  • Very good. I think you may be able to put $Symbol in the spot where AAPL is and it will update that panel with your current selection. Leaving it the way you have it should only display the inverted AAPL on the chart.
  • Great!

    I can't actually test it because I've used up all my chart styles. Looks like a very clever solution, though. I think @lmkwin is right about using $ONE:$SYMBOL.
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