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Bollinger and kept her channels

Hi all,
I'm looking to build a scan that will pick up a squeeze of the Bollinger bands within the keltner channels.I've been after this all week it's time to ask for help!


  • Can you not get the scan to run, or do you not like the results you are getting?
  • If you use the Search function on this site and plug in different things that you are looking for, most of the wheels have been created. Search provides a treasure of information.
  • In looking for information as how to write the scan.... Or if there are scans predefined that can be combined .. I will do a search .Thanks for replying and anymore help will be appreciated
  • The John Carter squeeze is the scan I'm trying to write. I found it on a post from the search that was recommended. I wrote it as was shown on the post and the syntex did not accept it. I wrote as follows.

    [ Bollinger band width (20,2)<atr(10)*3]
  • Change the "Bollinger band width" to BB Width.
  • The scan I like to use is as follows,

    and [Upper Kelt Chan(20,2,20) > Upper BB(20,2)]
    and [Lower Kelt Chan(20,2,20) < Lower BB(20,2)]
    and [roc(12) > 0]

    John Carter has some videos on YouTube and that’s why
    I’ve added the criteria of roc(12), also find it works best if
    adx line is below 25

    Hope that helps
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