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Changing Chartlist 'period' without changing indicators

I know we can 'apply' this chartlist style to all charts in the list. But when you do that, you also apply the indicators & subgraphs on that ONE chart to EVERY chart in the list. There are many cases where this is NOT what is desired.

Is there ANY WAY to only change the 'period' and 'apply to all charts in the list'? For example if you have a nice chartlist that is all daily bars, wouldn't it be nice if you could quickly 'zoom out' and see all those charts in weekly or monthly bars? Of course it would be nice... but other than rebuilding NEW chartlist in that period I don't see a solution.

Any ideas? Thanks!


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited December 2018
    If I understood you correctly:

    Open your list

    Click on any chart to go to the chart workbench

    In the Chart Attributes panel below the chart, change the Period setting to weekly

    Click Update

    Only the Period changes. All other settings remain the same (including duration - meaning start and end date).

    Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Chart Lists panel

    Click Apply Style to All

    Go to the top of the screen and click View All

    Note: if you want, after you hit "Update" you can save the new setting(s) as a style and assign it to a button. Then, if you don't want to change all the charts, or go to the Chart Workbench each time you want to see a different time period setting, you can toggle between buttons for each individual chart if that works better for you. But if you want to change every chart at once, you have to go to the Chart Workbench.

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    @markd's suggestion on creating the style for the different periods and saving them as numbered buttons is very useful. I have the Daily as my #1 button, Weekly as #2, Monthly as #3. When on any chart I can flip between the different time periods easily.

    Another option to get the "big picture" is to set up your Gallery View charts to reflect your preferences. This allows you to "flip" through a list and being able to see all the different time periods on a page, including the Point and Figure chart.

    Below link is on how to use and setup Gallery View
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