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Why would an alert not email?

I set up a simple alert. Just to let me know about stocks to pay attention to; in case I miss them.
[[favorites list is 2] // xle,xly,xlp,fez,xlb,xop,xlk,kre,xrt,xlv,xli
or [favorites list is 34]] // Tom Watch List

and [[[Today's Elder Bar Green is true]
and [Yesterday's Elder Bar Green is False]]
or [[Today's Elder Bar Red is true]
and [Yesterday's Elder Bar Red is False]]]

This is supposed to email me with any results. I did not get any.
But if I run that as a scan I get results.
29 actually.
So there must be a problem with it mailing to me.
But I get email from stockcharts all the time.
So what could the problem be.

Thanks for any suggestions.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2019
    The documentation is confusing about this. The video says you must specify a symbol, but the documentation seems to say you don't.

    Maybe someone else who uses alerts knows.
  • Are you set to Pause or Continue after alert? Mine defaults to Pause, so I have to change and save it to continue. I often find out the same way, "there are hits on the scan, but no alerts for a while"

    Hope it's that easy
  • @lmkwin , can you clarify whether an alert has to specify a symbol?
  • Advanced Alerts are similar to Scans. In practice, I write the Alerts on the Scan workbench to test, and then add the code to my Alerts workbench. You have to give it a pond to fish in. Whether it's a list or a Cap range, or an Index. You can also set up alerts on specific symbols as well. Anything that works on the Scan, will work on the Alerts. I find the Alerts to be great "reminders".

    You can also set up "Price Alert" that is specific to a specified symbol and only works on price levels. So you can set up a Price Alert to trigger when SPY is up 5%
    [symbol is 'SPY'] and [close x 265.01]

    or hits a specified level (up or down). Price Alerts can be used as a line of code in Advanced Alerts as well. This would allow you to add another criteria, but, the Price Alert code would remain static.

  • OK. Thanks very much!
  • Thanks to everyone.
    It seems to me though that I am giving the alert specific stocks to look at. I provide a list of EFTs and also a watch list I have. And I do have it set for continue by the way.

    I was going to try having alerts sent by SMS. Just in case there is a problem with my email. The system says to check that they have my correct number. But if you go to the accounts page there is no place to actually check that. So I may have to write tech support. I will keep looking around. This could just be a problem with my account.
  • If you change it to SMS, there is a Link that pops up above (Next to the Help link) to Update your SMS number.
  • It is not really a link. A message pops up telling you to go to "My Account" to check that they have the correct number. But there is actually nothing on the my account page to change addresses or telephone numbers.
  • At the bottom of my popup it has a blank for a mobile number to fill in.
  • I contacted tech support. They showed me a link to update SMS. Also it seems my system was marking their mail as spam. Seems odd, as I actually do get some email from them. I think an old email client, that I am no longer using, was the problem.

    I will tinker around over the next few days and see if I can correct all the issues.

    Thanks for all the help.

  • Does anyone know where you can update contact info on the account page. I try to update SMS number..when I try to edit or make a new alert it says you have to go to your account page update contact info? Thanks for your help!

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