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Is SH, DOG, and PSQ suitable for long term hold?

Is SH, DOG, and PSQ suitable for long term hold?


  • Doesn't look like that is their intended purpose.

    Enter the symbols at this site and click on "Fact Sheet".
  • To answer that question, just pull up a 10 year chart for the answer. If your definition of "long term" is different then use a chart that represents your "long term"

    Either use a Performance chart or put as an Indicator Price-Performance = $Symbol and put it behind the price. It will show the price scale on the right and the % performance on the left.

    In the Legend it will show the #'s. You can even put a Price-Performance of the relative performance like $Symbol:$Spx. On the monthly 10 year it looks like SH had a total performance of -80% over the period and underperformed the SPX by 93%.

    Another fun way to look at things is to use the Seasonality Chart. The Seasonality chart defaults to 5 years and lists the ave return by month and the % of times it finished up for that month. At the bottom of that chart is a slider. Grab the left side of the slider and drag it out to 10 years or more. Then click on the "Same Scale" Button to the left of the slider.

    This will display the years you selected and the % change for the year. Note how many are above or below the Zero line. The max years on SH is 14. Only 2007, 2008 and 2018 provided positive annual returns. So 3 out of 14 years showed a positive return. It's a fun tool that Seasonality chart.
  • This link, beginning page 4, explains how inverse funds work.

    They are intended for hedging. They allow you to reduce exposure in your current position by taking a position opposite to it, instead of selling to reduce risk.
  • Jim,

    You don't want to do what you're trying to do.


    You should be looking at the Inverse of each one of the above to help to protect your ASSets.

    DDM / DXD / DOG

    SPY / SH / UPRO

    QQQ / PSQ

    QLD / QID / PSQ

    SSO / SDS / SH

    Learn how to trade via the Tetter Totter Strategy. (when one goes DOWN bet on the one going UP. At each successful trade, compound compound the principle + profits. SPXL / SPXS has made Swing Traders very wealthy people since 2006. As explained to MARKd, my unique ARC to ARC strategy is very successful with the SPXL/SPXS.

    Been trading the above using the 13 over 50 ema's for the past 10 years.

    ya get the picture.

    Quill -
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