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Select Start/end

After creating a new chart with the Range 'Select Start/End' typically start=3-4 months previous AND end = 'Today", then updated and saved. When I return to this chart during the day everything is correct. Problem is the following day the 'end' field shows yesterdays date and is not 'Today'. I manually reassign 'Today' to the end field. THEN subsequent openings continue correctly. Why does day 2 of my chart's existence change the attribute from Today to yesterday's??


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    edited January 2019
    I haven't tested this, but there may be a difference between (today), as it appears when you first choose "select start/end", and today, as when you type in the letters yourself.

    Sometimes people use 'select start/end' to capture a "photograph" of the chart as it was on a certain date. It's possible that is the default behavior. So, maybe if you just delete (today) and type in today, you will get the behavior you want. Just a thought.

    Here's the documentation (which doesn't mention this possibility):

    BTW, what happens with the start date? Does it remain the same, so the chart expands one bar each day, or does it advance each day so the number of bars on the chart remains the same?

    If the start date is not important, but you want a custom length chart, you can use the "months" plus "days" options to choose a non-standard length.

  • Thanks, I'll try your suggestion.
  • I find that selecting a start date is helpful in a couple of situations.

    The 1st is in a perf chart. If you want to track a change from a specific date, like a market low or high, select the start date as that date and leave the end date as (today). This chart will update as time goes by and the start date moves further way. In my "Indicator Charts of Interest" list I keep several Performance Charts that track the market segment movements (SML, MID, NDX, $COMPQ, $INDU, etc) from SPX lows in 2009, 2016, and another in 2018.

    The other time selecting a start date may come in handy is when you want to keep track of an action level and don't want to bother with annotation. Like when you buy a position. Put the start date in for the symbol you did something with, leave the end date as (today).

    Be careful with the End Date. If you select one, I've found, it doesn't forget it. You have to "reset" it by either typing in (today) in the end box or you have to select a different period, like 3 months, and then flip it back to the Start/End date option and try again.
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