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are there any scans for showing stocks that have being building a base?

Are there any scans for showing stocks that have being building a base for a determined time?


  • I guess a base of any length can be identified a number of ways. Chart School has some great articles on it as well as suggested scans.

  • Also there is a Search box at the top of the page, both here and on StockCharts. A treasure of information is archived over the years on all sorts of topics.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2019
    Here's one link from ChartSchool on BB squeeze:

    Another way might be to test for narrowing price channels, so the upper channel of some length (maybe three months, or 63 days) is less than it was some time ago, and the lower channel of the same length is higher than it was some time ago. To refine it, you might add a test for a shorter time period upper channel (maybe 2 weeks) below (less than) the longer period upper channel, and the shorter lower channel higher than the longer channel.

    There is no real repeatable pattern to basing, so any scan will catch some, but not all bases, while also catching some junk.
  • markd's price channel idea is great. The longer the PriceChannel the bigger the potential base. I use Bollinger Bands a little different but I'm not a trader. I use them in more of a Jesse Stine manner to identify longer term mean reversion opportunities. I then run them through my Point and Figure system I've mentioned in prior threads.

    A fun new addition to the Scan Filters is the PctRelative. If you set the time frame to your desired length and set the variable to >-5 and < 5 (or whatever parameter you like) you can see things that are near relative strength changes. It's a good, secondary indicator to be aware of, a securities relative strength.

    This should be visible on your chart using the Price or Price Performance Indicator.

    Towards the bottom talks of consolidations or bases
  • Do either of these show trend in price relative to the industry's trend? Which is what I am looking for.
  • Using the PctRelative you can set it to anything you like. A market, a sector, an industry, a symbol. You just need to pick the period and the value

    [ PctRelative(21,$SPX) < 0]
    [ PctRelative(21,$Sector) < 0]
    [ PctRelative(21,$Industry) < 0]
    [ PctRelative(21,AAPL) < 0]
  • @lmkwin Pretty sure you want the ">" symbol for stocks doing better than the reference symbol.

    Also, the editor seems to like symbols with PctRelative, including index symbols, to be all CAPS, even though small or mixed caps seem to work fine elsewhere.
  • @markd Correct >. Unless of course, you are looking for relative underperformers
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