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Scan Timeframe

is daily the lowest time frame the scan engine accepts? I don't seem to be able to use hourly for example.


  • Yes, daily is the smallest time frame for scanning.

    From Scan Engine documentation:

    "Our Scan Engine contains 3000 daily data points (roughly 12 years) for each of the 50,000+ different stocks, indices, and mutual funds that we track. This price data can be used to calculate values for several different technical indicators. Note: scans using indicators that require more than 12 years of data will lose accuracy.

    The Scan Engine allows users to create scans based on Daily, Weekly, and Monthly bars. It does not support scans based on intraday (1-minute, 5-minute, etc.) bars.

    The first update for the Scan Engine usually begins at 9:31 AM Eastern Time. Because of the vast amounts of data involved, all scanning systems work with datasets that are slightly older than “real-time.” When the market is open, our Scan Engine is continually updating the final data point for all of the stocks and indexes that it tracks on a rotating basis. When an Extra or Pro member runs a scan based on the “Last Intraday Update”, the Scan Engine will use a final daily data point that may be up to three minutes old, depending on when the scan is run."
  • Thanks for clarifying!
  • This must apply to Alerts as well. I'm an Extra member and when my alerts get triggered, the time stamp on the notice I receive is often for the middle of the day (i.e. 11:33am,12:04pm, etc) (but not always).
    So should I assume that if the calendar is not at the end of the week, or end of the month, the alert can only apply to any daily criteria I might have in my Alert?
    example: for criteria below, weekly or monthly wouldn't be triggered unless it is at the end of a week or end of the month? right?

    [ SMA(5) X SMA(200)]
    or [weekly SMA(10) X weekly SMA(50)]
    or [monthly PPO line(1,10,0) X 0]
  • You could check the documentation if you haven't already, or if no one here knows, ask Support.

    I'm guessing if the daily time frames trigger during the day, before the day is complete, the weekly and monthly time frames would, too, before the week or the month is complete.
  • On the Alert you have a few options showing in the Alert setup. You can have it notify At the market Open. At the market Close. Every hour 10-4. Or continuously all day. The option is a dropdown on the top of the Alert Setup.

    Your other than daily alerts will trigger when the criteria is satisfied. I use weekly criteria, like weekly CTM cross up, on Alerts and get notifications most every day.
  • Thanks very much - I will continue trying to find more info on website and probably also call support.
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