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No volume on Point and Figure Sector ETFs

There is no volume for XLC and XLRE etfs and some long term charts do not show volume for example This is - Fill the Chart Wide, Percentage Chart, Box size 2% for the XLP. I have sent this to support with no acknowledgment twice, wow, what support! When will Stockcharts fix this?


  • The volume panel works in "traditional" mode. For percentage mode, try the "price by volume" indicator.

  • I use both "price by volume" and volume, these are two very different indicators, one cannot replace the other. If price by volume works then volume should work too. They must have some programming issues at StockCharts.
  • OK. Just a suggestion.
  • I have also noticed using CandleGlance P&F (Percent) if you click on a chart the default $INDU chart comes up, not the symbol that should. I have contacted support but doubt if they will acknowledge.
  • The XLP chart shows volume on the 1% and 3% but not the 2% fill the chart. Does on the End Date option though
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