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auto-monthly renewal subscription for $24.95 per month

If I extend for one year will I continue to be charged $24.95 each month even after I have extended my subscription for 12 months pre-paid?


  • Your renewal options are whatever you select. They don't auto renew unless you select that option. Go to your account settings, auto renew options are 2nd one down from top. It explains the charges on each option. Something to keep in mind is that, historically, you will get the best "sale" prices on Cyber Monday. They threw in 3 free month for a 12 month sub (making it a 15 month sub). The month of December is the 2nd best pricing with 2 free months for agreeing to 12. Regular 12 month adds one free month currently. All of this could change in the future, but it's been the case for many years so far.

    All of the renewals pricing would happen at the end of the current expiration.
  • The problem is that once you select monthly at $24.95 that it automatically renews each month. If I then select 12 months extension that auto renew for $24.95 gets charged to me each month. There seems no way to cancel monthly auto-renew which results in double billing. No one seems to know the solution to this problem.
  • So they charged you $299.40 and continue to charge 24.95 a month? How many months has this been going on? I can't assist you with this but your expiration should be showing as sometime in 2020? Screen shot that to support would be my best suggestion.
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