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Bounce 50 EMA in uptrend

I am trying to build a scan when 18 EMA is above 50 EMA, 50EMA is above 100 EMA and 100EMA is above 200 EMA. At the same time, there is a pullback and price is bouncing from 50 EMA

Thank You


  • What does your scan code look like so far? Copy and paste it here as a comment
  • ConnorConnor
    edited April 2019
    [type is stock]
    and [country is US]

    and [sma(20,volume) > 400000]

    and [close < ema(50,close)*1.01]
    and [close > ema(50,close)*.99]
    and[close >= 5]
    and [close <= 25]
    and [SCTR >=70]
    and [EMA(18,Close ) > ema(50,Close)]
    and [EMA(50,Close ) > ema(100,Close)]
    and [EMA(100,Close ) > ema(200,Close)]
  • The "bouncing from" is probably something that you can run against prior periods. Like changing the Starting Date at the top to be a few days or more ago. This will show the ones that met your criteria at that time and display on the chart, what has happened since.

    Or you could move the scan criteria back by putting the set back period of "5 days ago" for example, in front of the EMA's and then put a Rank by ROC(5) as the last line of the scan.

    It's easier to change the setback of the starting date and then just change the Rank by to match, but embedding it in the scan code is also a decent choice.

    I'm sure you could add an oscillator filter to produce the "bounce" indication as well, like Chande Trend Meter > 5 days ago Chande Trend Meter, or PPO or any other price oscillator.

    Just some suggestions.
  • ok. hande Trend Meter > 5 days ago Chande Trend Meter, can you show how to write it in the scan ?
  • In the Advanced Scan Workbench, it's in the drop down for Technical Indicators.
    Select it from the list and add it to your scan, if desired.

    and [Chande Trend Meter > 5 days ago Chande Trend Meter]
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