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SCAN SCTR to includes those SCTR reading is empty stock

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Hi there,
I am have trying to use SCTR >85 to includes those outperforming names but there are some outperforming names' SCTR reading is empty (0) are excluded. Do anyone know how to includes those 0 SCTR names in my scan?
or the scan includes both SCTR >85 and SCTR =0 are fine for me.


  • Blank SCTR means that it doesn't qualify for a SCTR ranking. Not all stocks are included in the SCTR universes (Small, Mid, Large). The universes are not all encompassing for all stocks.

    To include the securities with no or blank SCTR, don't include a SCTR filter in the scan. You can still Rank By SCTR and the blanks will be all together.

    From the ChartSchool:
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Why doesn't XYZ have a SCTR?
    A: Only those tickers included in predefined SCTR universe groups will have a SCTR ranking.
  • In addition to lmkwin's answer:

    Here's a link explaining how SCTR is calculated:

    Basically, it's a weighting system that gives greater weight to longer and mid-term performance but doesn't ignore short term performance.

    If you want to see how non-SCTR stocks might rank within a list of SCTR results, you could roughly approximate SCTR performance with ROC(xx) - you would have to choose a parameter xx for ROC( ) that gives you a result you like. Maybe 63 - three months, maybe 125 six months, etc. You won't get a SCTR-like number. You would just see where the non-SCTR stocks fall in a ranked list of both types of stocks in the time frame you choose.
  • thanks Imkwin and markd. it looks there is no way serves my aim. may be manual is the only way.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
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    Although SCTR gives more "weight" to the medium and longer term, it is greatly influenced by the short term, in my opinion. A high SCTR indicates a high momentum above bullish indications (the 50 and 200 day MA, as influenced by a strong 20 and 125 day ROC). As it moves back to the potential support of those bullish indications, the SCTR drops. Sometimes dramatically, depending on the day or days change. So the 10% weighting has a very significant impact on the other 90%. If I were to use SCTR, I would probably look for the SCTR to be above 50, that's about it.
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