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how to deal with ETFS with SCTR and without SCTR

I’m trying to be picky about what ETFS are included in scan results. How can I be specific about volume and SCTR for ETFs that HAVE an SCTR rating and also try to be picky about volume for those ETFS WITHOUT an SCTR rating?
The statements below are not returning any ETFS without an SCTR rating even without any other criteria.
(bottom line: I don’t want any ETFS in results that have low volume or low SCTR unless it is “blank”)
Any suggestions?

[group = etf]
and [SMA(20,volume) > 200000]
and [[SCTR > 69] or [SCTR = 0]] //I tried [SCTR = blank] but didn’t work
rank by [RSI(2)]

When I block out the criteria above for volume, I get 664 ETF results. I get 45 when I add volume requirement back in. but in either case, I don't get any ETFS that don't have an SCTR rating??


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