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Alert Center Question

I am still struggling with understanding the alert center operation. I have entered several scans and requested to be alerted with some alerts with text notification and others with e mail notification. The e mail notifications give the alert name and the stock that triggered it. The text alerts only identify the alert name, but not the stock that triggered it. ? Also, after an alert is triggered, I want to reset the alert to further monitor the rest of the day ? The alert page has a tab that says CONTINUE, but it doesn't seem to work. I have paused and reset an alert and also exited the page and reentered the page, but can't seem to reactivate the alert center. Does the center only reactivate the next day ? My main concern is after an alert triggers, how to I reset it immediately to continue monitoring ? By the page description, it infers that it will do that automatically with the "continue" tab. My scans are usually to ask for all stocks that meet certain technical criteria, id. crossovers, etc. They may trigger sporadically throughout the day and I need to keep them coming.


  • A video that seems to be more indepth with Chip explaining how they "work".
  • Just a heads up, if you are recently having an issue with older Alerts.....

    I have a few Alerts set that trigger pretty much at least once a week. They weren't triggering for a bit. I went into my Alerts section and discovered that dashes or hyphens had been inserted in front of the "exchanges" that were part of my scan(s)

    Could be a system conversion issue, but, just a heads up. You can check yours if you open yours and then just click save, the system will tell you where the issue is, if one exists.

    [exchange is NYSE] or [exchange is AMEX ] OR [exchange is NASDAQ]


    [exchange is NYSE] or-[exchange is AMEX ] OR-[exchange is NASDAQ]

    It also has done it with any sector or industry groups I have inside Alerts. Putting that dash in front of them.
  • Just a heads up to go through your Alerts if you desire, and just run the check syntax. I did this back on August 27th and found several of my Alerts were altered as mentioned prior. I corrected and saved them all.

    I just went in to check on an Alert that normally finds results pretty much daily and found it altered again.

    This time the dash or hyphen was inserted into the technical filter part. Prior it was confined to the exchanges, sector and industry groups on mine.
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