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Yearly high yearly low

edited May 2019 in Scanning
I was fiddling around looking for stocks that have moved 20 or more points in the year. Maybe find a few that move up and down in cycles and just wait and milk the cow when it comes along. I could not get that to work. So I tried a very simple scan just to understand the syntax

[52-week High > 52-week Low]

This has zero results. Yes there are no stocks where the 52 week high is higher than the 52 week low.
I do not understand.
And I do not know how to test for the difference between the high and low.
What am I missing?


  • Try either one of these variations:

    //and [max(251, close) > min(251, close)]

    //and [weekly max(52, weekly close) > weekly min(52, weekly close)]

    You get 999 results (meaning there are more, because 999 is the limit for scan results).

    If you want to get the difference between them:

    and [max(251, close) - min(251, close) > 20]
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    @splash88, a good method to learning the basic syntax is to use the Predefined Scans available in the Members Tools window. You can open any of the scans and then, in the top right, there is a link that says "Click here to edit this scan".

    When you click it, it will open up the Advanced Scan Workbench with the scan code for that predefined scan filled in. You can edit the code there, and save it, if you like, to your scans.

    They have the new 52 week highs and lows scans in that list.
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