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Interday Updating

Is anyone else having issues trying to get your charts to update this morning?


  • I have two computers and I can't update charts on either of them. I have tried using two different browsers too. I have an iPhone and an iPad and the updates don't happen on either of them as well. I have tried using them while connected to my wifi and I have turned off the wifi so that the phone and iPad can connect to the internet on their own and still I get nothing. Everything else I do on a computer seems to be functioning just fine so I feel like I have to assume that the issue is not with my stuff but is with SC but I can't even send the question to them this morning.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    I contacted support an hour or so ago. They are aware of the situation. I think some of it has been resolved.
  • Mark, thanks. I couldn't reach them for about an hour and a half or so. When I was able to get to where you can contact them, they had a message posted letting everyone know that they had issues today. I have had ongoing but sporadic issues and I seldom know what has caused it. Today, I know
  • There seem to be numerous issues with historical price adjustments today. I first thought it was related to mid-year foreign dividends, but there are many non-foreign issues as well. Anyone else seeing this? In addition, I seem to have lost the set up in many of my charts
  • If the situation doesn't correct itself today, contact support with a detailed description of before and after.

    Not sure about the data thing. Could be an update issue with the data vendor(s).

    By set up I assume you mean chart styles. I have had corrupted lists in my account which have been fixed promptly. Could be some kind of corruption issue affecting your chart styles. Not sure if they could be restored, but my guess is yes.
  • They sent me an email stating that they have a data issue with certain ETF's and that they are working on it. FWIW, "certain" is probably not the correct word. From my perch, the word should be "numerous".
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