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Adding items to the output of a scan

Is it possible just to include certain criteria in the output of a scan even if it isn't using them in the code or ranking by it? For example, could I include some kind of code that simply says show me the current 3-day ATR in the output?


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    I don't know of any scan language that affects the format of the scan output on the results page except the rank by statement.

    You can choose NOT to display some of the default data by selecting columns to omit on the results page. But the only way to show non-default data is the rank by statement.

    Of course the data is on each chart if you include it in your default chart style, but I understand that is not the same as seeing it in table form.

    If the rank by statement doesn't work for you because you want to see your charts by sector or industry, or alpha by symbol, you could still use the rank by statement to get the data, then use the summary page to re-number the symbols by the sort order you choose on that page.

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    Ok thanks...How would I go about ranking stocks based on the highest % gains in price over the last 200 trading days?
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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited July 2019
    Last line of the scan

    Rank by [Fill in your criteria]

    In your case

    Rank by [PctChange(200,close)]

    is one option

    If you wanted to have the 3 day ATR info, then Rank by [ATR(3)]

    You can also add modifiers like "weekly" or "monthly". Rank By is a great way to pull other info into the output file.
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