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Finding SCTR rank changes over a defined period

Hello can anyone help me with writing a scan to see SCTR rank changes ie say 60-75 for a defined period say over last week, and say defined group ie large cap stocks . I am new and looked at the technical scan writer cant seem to find correct syntax . Thank you !


  • So you want to know if the Current SCTR.large is 60-75 points different than it was 5 days ago?

    If you were looking for only increased values
    and [(SCTR.large - 5 days ago SCTR.large) >= 60]

    Decreased values you'd have to reverse it to take the 5 days ago reading minus the current to be < -60

    If looking for the up or down either way you can use the Absolute value

    and [AbsVal(SCTR.large - 5 days ago SCTR.large) >= 60]

    BTW, if you were looking for the "between 60 and 75" you would just use the same expression and then add another copy of the expression that says AND the expression is <= 75

    if you want to "see" the values you can use the Rank By as the last line in the scan. NO And in front of the Rank By statement.

    Rank By [AbsVal(SCTR.large - 5 days ago SCTR.large)]
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