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Please help me increase $TRIN 20SMA amplitude

edited August 2019 in SharpCharts
Does anybody know how to increase the amplitude of the $TRIN 20SMA?

First image is what I get
Second image is what I want
Third image is my current setting

Thanks for any help!


  • What happens if you use $Trin as the main symbol and then use the symbol you are using as the Indicator?
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited August 2019
    The scale adjusts to the values of the symbol ($TRIN), not the SMA of the symbol. You will see this if you set Opacity to Auto. So, if the symbol data is spiky, you get a wide scale.

    I think you have to shorten your chart duration from seven years if you want more detail.

    You could try playing with the height adjustment, but I don't think it will help.

  • You could download the $TRIN raw data to a spreadsheet, calculate the MA and then upload the MA data as a CSV file for a user defined index. That would eliminate the spikes in the raw data, so you would have a shorter scale and more detail in the window.

    Here's a link explaining user defined indexes:
  • Thanks for the help, I'll try playing around with it.
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