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Chart list for Dow Sectors


I'm trying to create a chartlist that has all of the Dow Jones sector indices. The chart school article provides a search result link, but it includes all of the industry, style and other junk and doesn’t let you mass select the results to create a chartlist. Am I missing something? Is there a public chartlist somewhere already?


  • if you mean the sector SPDRs, this will get them

    [symbol CONTAINS 'xl']
    and [name CONTAINS 'spdr']
    and [symbol not contains '$']

    this gets the dj "titans"

    [symbol CONTAINS '$DJ']
    and [name CONTAINS 'Sector']

    If you can provide that link, maybe there's a way to scan specifically for what you want.
  • Thank you for the help!

    Here is the link to the chart school article:

    Here is the link to the search given in the article:

    I’m trying to pull out the sectors only, so I can create relative strength graphs

  • OK. It looks like you can't get the list with a scan because the indexes you want don't have unique characteristics.

    However, if you look at the illustration in the link, where it says "SAMPLE" - the middle box where each line begins with "Industry" - there are the ten sector indexes with symbols. So just copy them out.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited August 2019
    I did this list a year or two ago. I don't know if any new ones were added after.

    These are the Industry listings

  • To pull the Sectors off your example, I would copy the listing into an Excel sheet. Delete the ones you don't want. Highlight the resulting list of symbols and copy and paste it into a new chartlist.

    Now, if you want to do the RS charts for this list. While it's in Excel, add the RS symbol to your symbol by adding a colon after the symbol and then adding the RS symbol of choice. NO SPACES. Copy and paste this into your new list as well.

  • This scan gets you what you want
    [type is index]
    and [symbol starts with '$DJUS']
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