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how to get 14 week stochastic

I'm attaching a photo of a 14 week stochastic indicator I'm trying to replicate in my stockcharts account. I can't figure out how to set the %K and & D to get this. any ideas would be appreciated!


  • It's probably weekly slow stochastic 14,3. Very unlikely Bloomberg would use custom parameters and not mention it.

    It won't look EXACTLY the same because the scaling is different. But if you have the start date for SC chart in Jan 2012, it should look pretty similar.
  • Just do a bar chart for Symbol $SPX.

    Change the "Period" to Weekly.
    Change the "Range" to Select Start/End. For the Start date select Jan 2, 2012. Leave the End Date alone. Don't even click in the box.

    Below in the Indicators section
    click the drop down and select Slow Stochastics. It will fill in the 14,3 default

    Click the Update button.

    Should look like your example.
  • THank you! So glad I found this resource - you always have the answers!
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