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Scanning for stocks that has history 20 years or more

Hi: How can one scan for stocks that have 20 years or more history
leaving out all stocks that have less than 20 year history


  • The price of the stock 20 years ago would be greater than 0. x months ago close > 0 may be an option.

    I get no results at 240 months or 180 months but do get results at 120 months.

    So may be a 10 year limit.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited August 2019
    Here's the link for what Stockcharts says about its data;

    However, while it says there is data back to 1900 for some symbols, I believe that is CHART data - not the same as scan engine data. The calendar tool on the advanced scan page, above the scan window begins January 2009. So @lmkwin 's guess sounds right.
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