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[type is stock] and [country is US] and [ close > 10 ] and [market cap < 4000000000] and [ Volume > 100,000 ]

How can I improve these scanner parameters to improve the processing speed of my advanced alerts?
Basically, I want it to show me US stocks greater than 10USD, that are not part of the SP500 and that have a considerable volume to operate.
The problem I have is that advanced alarms take time to reach me. If I do the search through the advanced scanner, it returns stocks that the alarms do not let me know at the same time. Thank you and I hope you can help me. Thank you.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2019
    A couple of comments.

    The first is, your market cap condition asks for companies with a market cap of less than 4 million million - market cap is denominated in millions, so "market cap < 100" would get companies less than 100 million.
    I'm guessing your are looking at the whole market - like 10 thousand stocks - instead of a small subset.

    I don't use technical alerts so I haven't studied closely how they work, but it may be your scan is too broad so it generates too many hits so it gets ignored so the system doesn't clog up. I'm guessing on that.

    Second, you might try

    and [volume x 100000]

    meaning volume crosses above 100000. Or, if you are looking for unusual volume (some stock always trade over 100000), you could ask for

    and [volume x sma(21, volume) * 3]

    meaning volume crosses above 3 times average 21 day volume. I think that's a better bet than just asking for a simple volume level.

    Third, you might try a lower limit for market cap - say, and [market cap > 100] , in other words, companies over 100 million to go along with your upper limit.

    If you don't want sp500 stocks, you could try

    and [group is not sp500]

    Finally, if you are getting alerts through email, it could be your email provider is slow.
  • @markd suggestions will put you more in tune to your stated desires.

    Something that I do is I create my alerts in the Advance Scan Workbench. Run it there to test it for what results it returns. Tweak it there. Run it against a bunch of back dates, etc. Save it there with a name you recognize for being an alert like Alert Not SP500>$10 Vol>100,000.

    Once you are happy with it, copy that code into the Alerts workbench and save it.

    This way, if you need to tweak it more, you already have it in the Scan Workbench for adjustments and testing. A weakness on the Alerts workbench is that you can't test it. You can only check the Syntax there. Also make sure that you don't have a Rank By statement in your code for Alerts. OK on Advance Scans, but not good on Alerts.
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