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$tick data

enter $tick as the sharpcharts symbol and you get a chart up to Oct 2nd. It's now the 7th, what happened to my $tick data?

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  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
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    These types of things would be best reported to Support.

    An easy way to report these types of things (data issues) is to click on "Report Problems" link at the bottom of the chart.

    I reported an issue this way, with STC chart and data that was not correct. They fixed it almost right away.


  • $rut data stopped on the 4th of Oct. $tick data stopped on the 2nd of Oct. What's next?
  • I have the same problem with $RUT not being updated one week later after this User reported problem. October 14 & October 15 only two days tested but neither updated on current day. Would update one day later. October 14, 2019 update would update on next day October 15. October 15 for $RUT only will not update. Tried different browsers and computers and no change. Reported on Stockcharts "Report Problems" link at bottom of page on Oct 15, 2019
  • I just opened up my TICK stockcharts chart because I think that there was something wrong with my TradingView TICK. I just found that my intraday TICK is not working...
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