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How to select top 3 (top three) of the candidates appearing in the result list of a scan

Imagine I have three favorite lists. I want to combine top 3 from each of the list so my final scan result only displays 9 candidates. I want to do this in a single scan.

I was not able to find a similar question already posted in this forum.

Regards, Daniel Mersebak / MbakInvest / Denmark


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    You fmay want to scan all three lists at the same time, with a "rank by" statement at the end.

    To combine all three lists in one scan, use an "or" statement at the top of your scan, like this:

    [ // begin or statement with opening bracket

    [favorites list is A]
    [favorites list is B]
    [favorites list is C]

    ] // end or statement with closing bracket

    and [condition 1]
    and [condition 2]
    and [ ... ]

    rank by ...

    The problem with this approach is, you might get MORE than three hits from one or more lists, and possibly no hits from one or more lists.

    As far as I know, you can NOT do exactly what you want (top 3 from each list), because there is no command to limit the number of results from a scan, and there is no command to run one scan from within another scan.

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    Hello Mark. Thanks for such a quick reply. It's much appreciated. Well obvious if there is less than 3 or zero in a sub query then the result from that scan is still to be unified with the results from the other sub queries. I know the rank method and the combination of searches from Your various favorite lists. My goal however, was to create exactly one scan that contains all my new potential positions in combinations. The manuel alternative is not so difficult or time consuming anyway. But as a Programmer I just love the elegance of running exactly one SCAN to know my weekly candidates.

    Now I don't know if You are an employee or just passionated about helping other people. But do You think I could post a new "wish/requirement" somewhere to to get a "limit to 3" method at the end of a scan ?

    All the best, and thanks again.

    Daniel Mersebak
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    Hi Daniel, no, I don't work for SC - just want to pass along what I've learned.

    To suggest an enhancement you can contact Support. Naturally, the better you can explain how it should work and how it will appeal to subscribers, the more likely it will move up the list of pending enhancements.

    Also, if you search this site with the keyword "suggestion" you should find an entry where people are entering their wishes.
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    @mbakinvest do you have a definition for new candidates from the lists other than reviewing the top 3 in each list? How are you determining what the top 3 are? Perhaps an alternative can be suggested.
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    Hello there. Thanks for Your replies and suggestions.

    My ambition was to be able to in the given example:

    1. Find best performing stocks by SCTR or ROC from three of my favorite lists. (Triviel task)
    2. Rank by SCTR or ROC. (Triviel task)
    3. Select top 3 (in case of a large result) from each list. (No solution found)

    I am aware that of course I can do it manually. But my idea was to create a "one-click-scan" of the day to know my candidates to buy ?

    What is Your guys take on this ? And how can I propose a new feature to the development team ?

    Best regards, Daniel Mersebak
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    It appears you are looking for a call to action based on the position of the ranking.

    It's currently not possible to get the scan engine to only pull from one list and then rank it and then select only the top 3 to show, and then move on to the next list and rank it and top N it and then pull from another list and rank it and top N it, and then present the report of the Top N's all in one.

    You appear to be looking at the engine as a report writer. As a former database report writer, It would be great if we had access to the database to be able to make the data sing. We could avoid the workbench entirely.

    So proposing it to StockCharts, you'd be looking to have a (multiple) Top N option added. They would need to add a few things to the workbench in a new formatting dropdown I would imagine.

    If there were some sort of threshold of rising above or falling below to be included, an Alert may work for your desire but there is no Rank By in Alerts. There is on filters. But it doesn't sound like you are looking for anything other than a Top N, so that would not meet your requirements.

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