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Is there a way to scan for the slope of volume?

I've tried several things, but can't get it to work.


  • usually more helpful if you post what you have that you can't get to work. Sometimes it may be a tweak of syntax.
  • This link might be useful to you?

    Use your Find (Ctrl + F) for Slope. it's in there several times.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited October 2019
    I really like @lmkwin 's link (and Find hint - thanx!).

    You could try it two ways - one with just volume, one with an sma or ema of volume, depending on your timeframe requirement.

    You probably know this, but you have to specify a value for slope to be greater than or less than. You can't get the slope value in your results, just symbols that meet your slope condition(s). The exception is if you put slope in as a rank by condition. Then it will appear on the results page in the last column.

    NOTE: Volume often is fairly flat (within a narrow range), so that the slope value might be smaller than you expect, so try decimal values, like .25 or .025 or .0025 or whatever, until you get results.

    P.S. all Firefox keyboard shortcuts are here:
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