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Clarify RRG Daily vs Weekly Chart

In Stockcharts TV on Tuesday 10/22/19 made it more confusing. Five week period should equal 25-days.


  • I didn't watch the episode but that should be correct or proximate equivalent, depending on holidays. Charts based on Daily data can and do look different than charts based on daily data.
  • and weekends. Weekends and holidays don't count in the daily. They are included in the weekly. They also are effected by when you start or run the scan or chart. 25 days only starts at the beginning of the week on certain days. The Week starts on the first trading day of the week.

    "Note that each symbol on an RRG chart is plotted as a dot with a “tail” extending backward. The tail shows you the history of the symbol's position in the past. You can use a slider to control the length of the tail.

    Each dot on each symbol's tail represents one period - either one week or one day depending on the “Period” setting. The large dot at the end of the tail represents the current RRG values for that ticker symbol. Those values are updated continually throughout the current trading week; however, new dots are only added at the start of a new week."

  • lmkwin - your last comment....makes no sense....i.e.,
    "Charts based on Daily data can and do look different than charts based on daily data."
  • how about subbing weekly for the last daily? better?
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