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2 EMA being inside the daily range.

How to write a scan where EMA 30 and EMA 60 are both inside the daily range. And today's close is greater than today's open. Average Daily volume 250,000 and price is above 200 SMA. I am also looking for someone who can write 2-3 more scans for a small fee; if this is allowed.


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    Anyone out there to help me with the above.
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    I recall markd gave you some guidance on this in September. Did you run into trouble using the dropdowns on the Workbench?

    "The method for creating this scan is straight forward. You can construct it from the drop downs, with some edits. Select ema from the drop downs and edit.

    So, "inside the day's range" means

    and EMA < high
    and EMA > low

    Close above the EMA is just

    and close > EMA

    Low below the EMA is just

    and low < EMA

    I'll leave it to you to get the syntax right (with brackets and parameters). If you have trouble, post what you have. The advanced editor should help flag any mistakes."

    To push you along a bit. Your inside the day's range for the EMA 30 would look like:

    and [EMA(30,close) < High]
    and [EMA(30,close) > Low]

    You would need to repeat this code for the EMA 60 inside the day's range

    and [EMA(60,close) < High]
    and [EMA(60,close) > Low]

    Close greater than Open is
    [Close > Open]

    Build the rest of the scan using the dropdowns in the workbench

    If you start a New Scan in the workbench it will fill in a few common Filter options like Type = Stock and Volume is greater than X.

    Copy and paste what you have if you run into an issue
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    Thanks a million. I will try later tonight. Truly appreciate it. My very best regards
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    Hi there. I tried the formulas and plotted the chart and it did not work. Are you able to try it?
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    Paste what you got that did not work. I look at that.
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    [type = stock] AND [country = canada]
    and [EMA(30,close) < High]
    and [EMA(60,close) < High]
    and [EMA(60,close) > Low ]
    and [Close > Open]
    and [EMA(30,close) > Low]
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    I finally Got it right. Thanks a million.
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    Hello Dear: I need to add 1 or 2 more scan into existing scan.
    Close greater than 3 EMA price and Average 50 day daily volume is => 250,000
    and close is above SMA 200
    Best Regards
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    add a line similar to the EMA60 line in the code above. Change EMA60 to EMA3 and make it < Close. Add another similar line to get the Close > SMA200

    Your volume requirement is

    and [sma(50,volume) >= 250000]
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